Interior Design Style Trends for 2019

Whether you’re buying a new home, building one of your own or just feel like the house or apartment you live in needs a fresh injection of style, choosing the right interior design can be a daunting experience. With so many potential options, it can be tough to find your favourite style that looks great but is functional too.
At GMHome, we know that everyone wants their home to look as good on the inside, as it does on the outside. Read on to discover our favourite interior design style trends for 2019 to help you select the perfect decorative touch for your home.

Overseas inspiration for your kitchen


Kitchens are the heart of the home, which means the functionality often comes first in terms of design, simply because of the many different roll a kitchen plays in home life. A few ways a kitchen is used includes:

  • For food prep and cooking.
  • Often incorporates a dining area.
  • It’s an entertaining space.
  • Homework and paperwork can often be done here as well.
  • It’s also the go-to storage area for most, everyday items.

That’s a big ask from one room! However, as we know, it’s very achievable. This year, the trend for our big kitchens is to look to the traditional British kitchen design; closed cupboards, a honed surface finish rather than a shined one and some period style kitchen hard-wear to, add character. Overall, a busy kitchen is set to be replaced with more bright, uncluttered spaces as you make use of all that closed-door storage.

In terms of colours in the kitchen, bright and light is certainly ‘in’, to show off those open spaces across your beautiful kitchen surfaces. But, if you love a bit of drama, you could look to the Scandi noir style. That’s right, its not all hygge and light woodwork! Darker kitchen cabinets can look great, particularly when teamed with less cluttered worktops and a simpler overall design.

Multifunctional rooms


We’ve already covered the kitchen, which is a multifunctional room all around the world! However, another trend that is on the scene in 2019 is the ability to comfortably do more with less. This is something that people with less space have been doing for many years. But now, it’s becoming a more popular option, to ensure every home offers as much as possible to those living in it.

The broader choice of multi-functional furniture makes this trend possible for more people, as their taste is likely reflected in more options.
For homes where guests often stay but a member of the family works from home too, one room could be created to serve two functions: a study and a guest room. This can be done with seating that can be formal or practical but also doubles as a pull out or fold-out bed. Or adding a hideaway, pull-down Murphy bed can make the transition from home office to guest bedroom, even simpler.

If that’s not something you need in your home, having furniture that is more flexible and has more than one function could also see you keeping up with this particular trend, but in a way that works for you. Think ottomans that can be used as storage and as an extra surface or seat. Or sofas and comfy chairs that can be easily moved around to suit different spaces.

On-Trend colours


Green is a colour that various interior designers and style gurus have hit upon en masse, as one that will be out in strength during 2019. It’s a lovely calming, yet sophisticated option that can suit a wide variety of rooms and tastes. And we’re not just talking wall décor. Green sofas and chairs, artwork and even accessories, will all be widely available this year to spruce up your design style and bring your home bang up-to-date.
If you’re not a huge fan of green, but still want a modern colour style, don’t worry, there are other options that are still on trend. Bringing in bold and bright contrasting colours is something that, when done with care, can look amazing.

Or, having a bold, statement wall or piece of art, is another way to ensure your home has a modern style, without making to much of a major change throughout your property. This can even be done with a single piece of art, either a painting, print or prominently displayed sculpture style item.

Curve appeal


If you’re thinking of adding a number of changes throughout the home, without changing the wall colours or coverings, a great way of doing that is by added curved items to your home. This can be comfy chairs or couches with curved corners, or chairs with rounded backs and either round tables, or opting for one rounded edging.

Other ideas to incorporate the curved effect, could be through frames for your wall art, or accessories with that curved style or effect throughout.

If that curved look isn’t for you, then give it a miss and go for a nice mixed metallic finish in your accessories and new furnishings, instead. For those of you who like both the curve and the metal mix design style, then you’re going to have a fun year with all the possibilities out there for you!

Design your home, your way

Of course, while design trends are all well and good, the most important thing when it comes to the interior design of your home, is that it works well for you and that you love it! Being on trend with your home décor and styling it to create the ‘wow’ factor, is something many of us enjoy doing.

But, you’re the one who comes home every night and need to live there. That means that its great to take inspiration from all the design options that are available and popular. But, if you can’t live with it, then stick with what you know you like and works for your unique needs.

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